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Immedia, founded in 1990 by Allen Perkins, distributes innovative and reliable products that provide the finest listening experience.

Please check out our new Spiral Groove website! Our new site provides new photos and information on all of the latest product developments, reviews, and technical information. We are also releasing our Universal Centroid tonearm that features a unique mounting system for use with turntables other than our own Spiral Groove models. The arm itself is identical to what we use on our own tables, just the arm to arm board mounting system has been designed to be universal. Our arm positioning tool provides easily obtained and ultra precise spindle to pivot distance. With this tool, we can ensure accurate cartridge alignment based on where the exact pivot point of the arm is actually located on the arm board. We will be announcing the release of a review of the arm soon!

Immedia is very proud to present Qualia & Company, makers of the extraordinary Indigo electronics from Japan. The Indigo product line enters the high performance audio market with a full suite of products, including their extreme-performance phono amplifier. Indigo electronics represent the purest expression of high performance electronics, eliminating all but that which accrues to the ultimate in reproducing music. The Indigo electronics line is complete, including their phono amplifier, USB DAC, line-level preamplifier, and 300 Watt Mono amplifiers. Each component chassis is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum, encasing the finest in high performance audio componentry and circuit design.

If you are an audiophile looking for the ultimate home listening experience, or a retailer seeking top brands to represent, please browse our site and don't hesitate to contact us.